Kelly & Crandall in partnership with the Virginia Poverty Law Center is excited to announce that over 800 low-income Virginians will have judgments vacated and dismissed from a settlement challenging the lending practices of a local lender. Kelly & Crandall waived our attorneys’ fees and costs in order to negotiate an assignment of all judgments to the Virginia Poverty Law Center.

Article Written by Jeremy Lazarus

“Hundreds of low-income Richmond area residents will benefit from the settlement of a lawsuit challenging the lending practices of Advance ‘Til Payday, a company that charges up to 960 percent interest on loans of $100 to $300.

The settlement will result in the dismissal of at least 50 garnishment actions and 800 judgments that Advance ‘Til Payday had obtained in court against borrowers who defaulted on the loans, according to Jay Speer of the Virginia Poverty Law Center, which brought the suit.

“That’s the most important result,” said Mr. Speer, who teamed with Kristi Kelly of the law firm of Kelly & Crandall of Fairfax.

“I think this is the first time that a company has agreed to turn over its judgments in a case like this,” he said.

He said the dismissal of the judgments could help improve the credit ratings of those involved.

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Written by Paul Bland

“Corporations took a shot at gutting America’s privacy laws, and they missed.

Every justice agreed – the decision is unanimous – that consumers can bring claims for statutory damages (where Congress says that if a corporation breaks some law, it must pay a fixed sum, even if the claims are hard to prove), even if the consumer has not lost money or suffered a personal injury.

Corporate advocates had asked the Supreme Court to gut the nation’s privacy laws. They argued even consumers alleging that false statements had been made about them did not have a right to bring a case in federal court unless they could show an economic harm. The Court refused to take that step, and rejected the conclusion that corporate defenders sought in this case.

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We are happy to announce that we are once again proud sponsors of the Justice for Ale event held by the Legal Aid Justice Center.

Justice for Ale Event Details:
Thursday, June 2, 2016 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Clarendon Grill
1101 N Highland St,
Arlington, VA 22201

The Legal Aid Justice Center provides legal representation for low-income individuals in Virginia. Their mission is to serve those in our communities who have the least access to legal resources. See more about the Legal Aid Justice Center.

We are very happy to announce that this year, Kristi C. Kelly, Camille A. Crandall and Andrew J. Guzzo have once again been selected as 2016 Rising Stars by Super Lawyers!

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Super Lawyer Profiles:

Kristi Cahoon Kelly
Camille A. Crandall
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The US Court of Appeals for The Fourth Circuit issued a great opinion in a class action VPLC filed nearly 2 years ago against an internet lender’s debt collector.  Board members Len Bennett and Kristi Kelly, are co-counseling this case (and doing almost all the work) and in addition to investing large amount of their firms’ time into this case they actually hired another law firm to handle the appeal for us and represent us in another class action in South Dakota.  This is an important victory against a large abusive internet lender and the abuse of mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts that seek to take away our rights.

Judge Wilkinson writing for the court wrote the following about the defendant in this case:  “No one appears to seriously dispute that Western Sky’s payday loans violated a host of state and federal lending laws.  Indeed, a quick glance at Western Sky’s loan agreement suggests that Western Sky was keenly aware of the dubious nature of its trade.”  “Despite Western Sky’s best efforts, the law — or at least the threat of the law — caught up with it.”

Here is a link to a blog about this case entitled: No, You Can’t Just Write a Contract That Says No Federal Law Applies

Opinion Document: US Court of Appeals for the Fourth District Opinion


Kelly & Crandall, PLC is excited to celebrate our two year anniversary this month! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our clients’ legal needs.

We are also so lucky to have the support of our colleagues in the community who have not only referred us cases but also been amazing mentors and friends along the way! We look forward to many more!

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